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"Summer Break"

by JTK222, May 7th, 2019

The past few months were a tough time for me...
Long story short...
Free time is rare, and my motivation is dead.

Modding has turned into a burden for me, I have tons of plans that I want to realize.
Sadly I can't, I have to do tons of other things first, redo things clean other stuff up... and a lot of other things.
Knowing that every time I get an amazing new Idea, that I'd love to realize when I get back home, I can't do it. It just imediatly kills my motivation. Another reason for that is that I feel bad for only doing backend things. Which makes it look like this mod is dead, and absolutely nothing is being made.

Altough, that's how I felt for the past few years working on this mod already. Therefore it's not a big deal.
The main problem comes now:
I am studying Computer Science in my 4th term. And still have a subject from my 2nd term. For those not familiar with how all that stuff works, or live in a country where it's different. This means that I'll fail university when I don't pass that one exam.

Like that wouldn't cause enough stress on me, I have 3 teachers that think that their subject is the most important one and we don't need to learn anything else. I always thought that I can handle stress, but as it seems... I can't. Past week I've been on a Family event, which showed me how much better I felt and how much more motivated I was with not having to worry about any school projects. And or any pressure on other projects. While I still haven't done anything usefull for the mod in that time, I've got a lot of motivation back for a hand full of private projects.

Well, I'll just stop here as this was supposed to be a short story xD
So, what I wanted to say from the beginning:
The Project is paused for a few months, I have no Idea how long now.
I just want to get the mod completly out of my mind for some time.
Not having to worry about it, and not feeling bad for not adding any content.
And with that I am gone, and this website might also be gone for some time.
I am not sure about that. I'll still be reachable, and the only conversations I want about this mod will be for support.

Bye o/

- JTK222 | Lukas

Help us to write our Docs!

by JTK222, Jan 2nd, 2019

As you might have noticed, the website is still quite empty, for that we need your help!
Writing all the docs is quite a lot of effort, especially as we've got no Idea what the users would like to know. Therefore we would be grateful for any help, if you want to write something, just send us the text in our Discord Server
Same applies for typos and similar things. If you need some information about a block, don't hesitate to ask!

- The Dark Roleplay Team

Our new Website!

by JTK222, Dec 22th, 2018

And here we are!
Welcome on our new ... ehm... improved website!

This time we are Hoping to provide you a better usability, as well as way more features.
One example of the things this page will be used for is our "wiki", where you can find all kinds of information on our mods.
Of course it's still in an early stage, and all types of help would be appreciated!

Future Plans

In addition to this you might soon™ find some interesting content for costumization on this page!
One small example would be sign designs, we'll have a small database where everyone will be able to submit their designs!

Of course there might be a few more things, but they'll remain a small secret for now :P

That's it! At least for now, we hope to see you more often on here ^^

- The Dark Roleplay Team

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